Creating A New Menu

To create a new menu in Spree, log into the admin and click the Content tab from the admin menu. Within the submenu options, click the Navigation link, you will then be taken to the menus area.
Once you are in the menus area, you will see a button in the top right of the screen + Add New Menu, click this button to create your first menu.
Menus Page
Once you have entered the New Menu screen, you are presented with four options.
New Menu Page
  • Name: You must give your menu a name; the menu name is not displayed in the frontend store view, so feel free to name your menu something you can quickly identify.
  • Store: Each menu belongs to one store; set the store that you want this menu to appear in.
  • Location: Choose the location of your menu. By default, you are offered the choice of Header or Footer; if you wish to add more options, click here to view the developer docs.
  • Locale: Each Menu is unique by Store, Location and Language; for example, you can not have two menus for your Default Store, that both appear in the Header, and both use the language English.
Once you have familiarized yourself with the options above, populate each field as required and click Create.
Upon creating your first menu, you will be presented with a Menu Items Area; this is where you organize the links of your menu.
Menu Items Area
View the Add Items To A Menu page of the Navigation documentation to begin adding items to your new menu.