Roles are used to define users’ permissions on your website. This option gives you the ability to control the rights of users. By default, Spree offers two kinds of Roles: Admin and User. If you would like to create other roles with more specific features than the Admin and User roles, our company offers creating them for you, with the help of a little backend development work. To open the Roles tab, extend the Configuration dropdown and find Roles.
To create a new role, click the New Role button that is placed in the upper right corner of the page.
New Role button
Simply input the name for the certain role and press the Update button.
New Role inside
When the role is created, you can still edit the name by pressing the Edit button.
Edit Role
You can also delete it by pressing the Delete button.
Delete Role
To assign a new Role, you need to open the editing panel for the certain User.
Assign Role
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