Return Authorization Reasons

Before a return can be made, the user must describe the reason(s) why they wish to return their item(s). This is the place where you can create and name these reasons for your store.
Press the New RMA Reason button in upper right corner.
New RMA Reason
Input the name that will be present during the Return process and click the Create button. It is not necessary to activate the Reason instantly. You can choose when you want to make a Return Reason active. For example you might want to create a Holiday refund reason - the user ordered something during holiday but wants to return it when you already deactivated this certain reason.
New RMA Reason created
To make an additional Edit to an RMA Reason, simply click the Edit button. You can now change the name of a reason or deactivate it.
RMA Reason Edit icon
RMA Reason Edit Inside
To delete an RMA Reason just press the Delete button next to Edit.