Reimbursement Types

To make it easier for you when you need to make a reimbursement, there are various reimbursement types that help you define what kind of return to give to the customer (e.g store credit, credit card or exchange for a new item).
You simply open the Configuration tab and press Reimbursement Types. Now, you can see all previously set up types, with the possibility to add a new one.
Reimbursement types
To add New Reimbursement Type, press the Add New Reimbursement Type button which is placed in the upper right corner.
Add Reimbursement Types
You now only have to add a name and choose the type that you would like to have in your store.
Add Reimbursement Types inside
The type is created via backend work and we’re at your service to make it easy. This option defines what kind of return to give to the user, such as a credit card refund or an exchange for a new item.
Reimbursement Types dropdown
Now simply check the Active checkbox and press the Create button to create a brand new reimbursement type in your shop!
Once you have created a type that you would like to edit, you can press the Edit Icon on the right side of the type’s name.
Reimbursement Edit Icon
To delete, press the Delete Icon next to the Edit Icon.
Reimbursement Delete Icon